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Argania Butter Single Origin Argan Oil



Culinary Argan Oil

  • Benefits Of Eating Argan Oil


As of late, many home chefs as well as leading culinary chefs are starting to reap the amazing benefits of cooking and ingesting argan oil. Often thought of as simply an external all-natural beauty remedy, since it works to magically beautify the hair, skin and nails, argan oil also works perfectly as a cooking oil when ingested since it is all-natural, has a delicious nutty flavor and contains a host of beneficial ingredients that work wonderfully to help the body in many different ways. Due to the immense health benefits and amazing properties of argan oil, which is often referred to as liquid gold, argan oil is quickly gaining momentum as the best cooking oil to incorporate into dishes by leading chefs and people from all over the world. Argan oil can be used to cook a wide range of healthy dishes and culinary masterpieces! Not only does it have a delicious aroma and slightly nutty taste, it works very well as a cooking oil when used in all types of different recipes and cuisines.



Health Benefits Of Argan Oil

Originating in Northern Africa, argan oil is known as the rarest oil in the world. It has tremendous health and beautifying benefits when used externally as well internally. Some of the main health benefits of ingesting argan oil are that it contains a large array of emollient-rich vitamins such as Vitamin E as well as natural fatty acids, which is what contributes to healthy, shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin. Argan oil is known to contain more vitamins and is more stable than olive oil, and it contains a host of healthy antioxidant phytochemicals which greatly serve to benefit the body. Argan oil is 80% unsaturated fat by composition, of which 32% is essential linoleic fatty acids and 47% is oleic acid. Argan oil is not genetically modified, is completely unhybridized. It has a high content of tocopherols and omega-3 fatty acids, and has been shown to reduce inflammation as well as neutralize free radicals in the body. Ingesting argan oil not only leads to slower oxidation processes within the body, but it also greatly reduces the signs of aging. Argan oil has also been shown to stimulate digestive properties and even boost brain power. Other health benefits of argan oil include that it stimulates the nervous system, reduces joint pain, stabilizes blood sugar/insulin levels, reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, lowers blood pressure levels, helps to alleviate arthritis symptoms, decreases cholesterol levels in the body and calms hypertensive tendencies. It is also great for treating external skin conditions such as burns, eczema and psoriasis.

Taste & Aroma

Culinary argan oil is a subtle, slightly nutty-flavored cooking oil, its aroma is light and fresh and not overly sweet, fruity, pungent or spicy. It tastes extremely delicious, is very healthy for the body and works in conjunction with a wide range of different recipes and foods. Naturally derived from the argan tree, argan oil comes directly from the seeds inside of the fruit grown on the argan tree. The seed in each of the fruits gathered from the argan tree is where the creamy and silky argan oil can be found. To make argan oil, argan seeds are taken from the argan fruit and then toasted, pressed and filtered into an all-natural oil. 15 kilos of argan nuts will lead to a half liter of argan oil. The final result is a slightly nutty, delicious cooking oil that is healthy and natural.


Argania Butter Single Origin Argan Oil

Created and cultivated by women, Argania butter single origin argan oil is the best argan oil in the world! Not only does Argania butter single origin argan oil uphold the wonderful value and precious rarity of the argan oil itself, but it is bottled and packaged in such a way that it naturally sustains the incredible health benefits of the oil, in order to infuse those great benefits right into the foods that are cooked with it in a seamless fashion. Argania butter single origin argan oil is cold-pressed, 100% pure, all-natural, organic, extremely healthy and of the highest quality. It comes with the USDA Organic, 100% P&N, EcoCert, and Wild Grown seals of approval, and works as a culinary argan oil as well as an external argan oil for beautifying the hair, skin and nails. Argania butter single origin argan oil tastes amazing when added to all types of savory as well as sweet dishes. It is more beneficial than avocado, olive and coconut oil, and has a slightly nutty taste and great aroma that works wonderfully well when creating all types of dishes that not only taste delicious, but are light and healthy as well.


Use Argania butter single origin argan oil to create various dishes such as amlou, a traditional moroccan dip made with argan oil as it’s base, added to hummus, couscous or simply as a condiment for bread. Just as you would traditionally dip bread in olive oil, argan oil works exactly in the same way, but the flavor of argan oil is even better than olive oil, and the health benefits are as well. Argan oil can be used as a delicious topper for all types of salads, soups, yogurt, sandwiches, pasta dishes, vegetables, fruit, and even ice cream. It works perfectly as a dressing or when used as an added ingredient in a recipe. Argania butter single origin argan oil can be used in lieu of any oil, butter or fat in a recipe, and can also be used on it’s own as a dip, spread or condiment. Argania butter single origin argan oil really is a universal cooking oil that tastes great, is all-natural and organic, and has amazing health, anti-aging and beautifying benefits for the body! There is no better oil to use in your daily cooking then Argania butter single origin argan oil. 


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