The Genius of Argan Oil in Moroccan Cuisine

Argan Oil Women Cooperatives and Their Benefits

Argan oil is almost a wonder essence for the fact that its multiple benefits do not only affect the external appearance of the body, as well as the internal. Aside from the fact that it can improve the quality of your hair and skin, it as well works as a valued ingredient for the prized traditional Moroccan dish, the Amlou.

Amlou For You and For Me

Its name goes on a variety of names. It can be called as Amlu, or Amelo, but is a guaranteed craved favorite by anyone who has tasted it. Especially by those who love peanut butter. In fact, it is similar to peanut butter inconsistency and can be considered the counterpart of the French-originated Nutella or even the Australian-originated Vegemite.

This thick brown paste is made of finely ground roasted almonds mixed with honey and argan oil. This tasty Moroccan spread goes well with their pastries and is a healthier alternative. It's can even be classified as a superfood in several circles, making it perfect for snacks in small batches and a significant part of a hearty breakfast.

The Argan in Amlou

Those who are not as familiar with Moroccan cuisine might start asking, "can you even eat Argan oil?" and the sound is a resounding yes, for as long as it's the culinary type.

How the oil is prepared, determine how it can be used, and with this regard, we have two kinds: cosmetic argan oil, which is used as an ingredient for beauty products, and the culinary argan oil, which can be used for dishes. The difference between them is that the cosmetic type is made from unroasted kernels, while the culinary type uses roasted kernels. This is apparent in color, wherein the culinary oil takes on a slightly darker amber-like color.

As for the taste, the Amlou's nutty flavor can be attributed to the feeling of Argan oil, and not the almonds. That is because the latter naturally tastes bland on its own, especially it is when unprocessed. However, together with honey, they create a blend of aroma, texture, and natural sweetness. It is as well teeming with nutritional value and contains no preservatives and artificial sweeteners, so these can make for a healthier alternative. The oil, in and of itself, can make for excellent oil base when making pastries or when stir-frying food to add a subtle nutty flavor to the mixture.