Argan Almond Butter 101 The Origin of Amlou

Culinary Argan oil AKA "Liquid Gold"


You might know Argan oil as a health craze that popped up in the last few years, but for the Moroccans, it’s been an essential part of their diet for centuries. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing… Amlou.

If you’ve grown up eating peanut butter, your first reaction might be to dismiss Argan almond butter, or amlou, as simply “their version” of what is your favorite childhood snack. But in actual fact, amlou is so much more than that - and we’ll tell you why you’ve been missing out!



Amlou typically consists of almond butter, Argan oil, and honey. Each component is a superfood in its own right, and coming together, they form one of the most nutrient-rich, power-packed food we’ve ever seen.

The process starts with harvesting the Argan oil, which is a tedious, labour-intensive process managed by women who work in cooperatives. Past attempts to mechanize the process haven’t been successful, and it seems the old-school way of extracting oil produces the best quality. What this means is that it takes a whopping 30kg of fruit, and approximately 15 hours of backbending labour - just to produce a single liter of oil.



Other steps in the process include processing and roasting the almonds, and combining the Argan oil, almonds, and honey to give you a delightfully creamy texture. The end result is a highly addictive, extraordinarily tasty snack which is also packed with vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and provides you with a host of health benefits.

In Moroccan families, amlou is traditionally taken as a breakfast food, and used as an accompaniment or a dip for bread and other foods. Because amlou has aphrodisiac properties, the Berber tribe of Morocco is said to have commonly kept it in their bedrooms. For this same reason, amlou is also a highly popular gift for newlyweds.


Today, regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight, take in more nutrients in an all-natural way, or reap the skin-enhancing benefits of Argan oil and almonds, amlou is a great snack which is easy to prepare and delicious to consume. When buying amlou or Argan almond butter, always make sure that the Argan oil used in its production is organic Argan oil - this will allow you to get the maximum benefits possible.

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