Why Argan Almond Butters Are The Next Big Thing

Culinary Argan oil AKA "Liquid Gold"


If you’re a convert when it comes to almond butter, you probably already know all the health benefits that this yummy treat has over regular peanut butter: it has more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and less saturated fat. Not to mention - it tastes ahhhhmazing!

 But here’s what you don’t know - not all almond butters are made equal, and there’s a specific kind of almond butter which is extra good for you. Wanna know what it is? It’s none other than... Argan almond butter!

What are Argan Almond Butters?

In a nutshell, Argan almond butters are almond butters that incorporate the use of Argan oil, which the Moroccans term “liquid gold”. You’ll no longer have to scramble to get your nutrients from different sources - Vitamin A from carrots, Vitamin E from spinach, antioxidants from cranberries, Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon - because a single spoonful of Argan Almond Butter will provide you with all that, and more.


 Like you’ve just passed on and gone to heaven. We kid, but in all honesty, Argan Almond Butter is really the nut butter to beat when it comes to taste. Think of your favorite nut butter, and imagine it even more nutty, even more flavorful, and even more fragrant. That’s the taste of Argan almond butter for you!

For nut butter connoisseurs who appreciate variety and choice, you’ll be happy to know that Argan Almond Butters come in several flavors - maple argan almond butter, coconut argan almond butter, and honey argan almond butter, and of course, classic and raw Argan Almond Butter. We’ve never been accused of being indecisive - but when it comes to this lot, we love ‘em all, and honest to god can’t recommend one over the other. So we’d say, get the multi-flavour pack and try ‘em all!

How can I get the most benefit from Argan Almond Butters?

Make sure that you’re getting the real deal by checking the ingredients list and ensuring that Organic Argan oil is listed (as opposed to just argan oil!). If you’re even more particular with your food, try and go with a brand of Argan almond butter (such as Argania Butters!) that is GMO-free (no offence, but we find the thought of eating food which has been genetically altered in some way pretty nasty.)