Magical Oats Super Bowl

Snickerdoodle Oatmeal Balls
Wondering what to eat for breakfast the next day? If you find it hard to prepare a quick meal in the morning that’s healthy and yummy at the same time, then you’ve probably haven’t tried this satisfying recipe – something we all would surely appreciate.

What’s great about this is that most of its ingredients are already found in our pantries. If not, they’re super easy to find, so you wouldn’t have problems making this delightful meal. With this as breakfast or even a snack, you’ll never run out of energy to go about your day.

Are you now convinced to give this a try? Below are the ingredients and procedures needed to make this amazing super bowl:

  • ¼ cup of steel-cut oats (the oats should be soaked overnight)
  • ¼ cup of zucchini (shredded)
  • ½ cup of bananas (mashed)
  • ½ cup of fresh milk
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Figs
  • Blueberries
  • Blueberry Chai
  • Maple cinnamon almond butter from Agrianbutter

  1. The first thing you’ll prepare is the oats because you’ll need to soak them overnight. In a bowl, pour ¼ cup of steel-cut oats and add enough water for them to be soaked. Leave them overnight in the fridge to chill. You also leave them on the counter but don’t leave it alone uncovered.
  2. By morning, you’ll have your oats ready. Give them a stir to make them smoother in texture.
  3. Add ½ cup of fresh milk, ¼ cup of shredded zucchini, and ½ cup of mashed ripe banana into the bowl and mix them until fully incorporated.
  4. Once done, add a generous helping of maple cinnamon almond butter and a dash of cinnamon powder into the mixture. You can incorporate it into the oats too, but you can also opt to mix it afterward so as to retain the presentation.
  5. Now, you can start enhancing your oats by adding your fruits. Start by slicing your figs into thin, bite-sized slices. You can add as many as you like; just don’t overcrowd the bowl. You can now sprinkle an addition of blueberries and blueberry chai for an added touch. Like the figs, you can add as many as you like, but don’t add too much that it takes over the entire bowl.
  6. Chill it for a bit and enjoy! You can also eat right away after making. Just don’t store it for too long as it would lose its freshness over time.