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Our Argan Oils have 3x more Vitamin E than Olive Oil and are rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, & Omega 9!
✔️ Keto-Friendly ✔️ Low-Carb ✔️ Vegan ✔️Heart Healthy

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Emily . G

It's difficult enough to find culinary argan oil since much of it goes to beauty products, let alone organic and from women-founded cooperatives that guarantee fair wages and sustainable practices to protect the argan forests of Morocco. Win win! It's subtle nutty flavor is especially good for grilling asparagus and sauteing mushrooms..

Mike Williams

I look for various food and oils to help replace nutrients from meat sources, in this case omega fatty acids.
This oil is delicious, taken orally or drizzled over salads and other veggies. It also helps me swallow foods that usually get stuck in my throat. We will be ordering more!


Wow, I have been a big fan of Aragon oil because, it not only contributes to a great skin and hair, it has been effective in reducing joint pain when applied topically. So, my love of Aragon oil lead me to want to try the culinary grade. I just received my first bottle moments ago and decided to take a spoonful. This oil is very delicious. I am so pleasantly surprised.

A Cooperative for Moroccan Women
Since the product has been gaining all the hype because of its benefits, the market has reached worldwide scale and continues to grow. Over time, Argania has become one of the main sources of livelihood for Moroccan Berberwomen, and a cooperative was established to sustain these women, as well as the business. These products are sold directly from the producer to the consumer as a way to provide a handcrafted commodity of high quality. Ethical management ensures that these women produce the best while being compensated fairly, with 5% of the profit given to the cooperative.

The cooperative was put up to reduce the business risk, increase the production and bargaining powers, and empower these women through a productive company. Aside from being a stable business venture, this system also serves as a growth opportunity for Berber women who have difficulty in finding a source of income due to their religious lifestyle.